We love our food at Lions.

We have a beautiful line up of cook to order a-la-carte dishes including some of your favourites. We have brought back a big choice of Club Classics for all of our members and guests to enjoy that is great value and grab yourself an ever better lunchtime special price.

We make all of our own bases for all the dishes every morning before service. This is the key to delicious food and my promise to you, each and every time you choose to join us for lunch or dinner as guests at my table. Still maintaining my one rule that grounds all of my other rules in the kitchen...“Everything must be fresh!”

We will still be serving some of your favourite dishes off previous menus, but making sure we deliver on our promises as mentioned above.

From all of the kitchen and front of house staff preparing and serving your meals, we aim to provide an enjoyable and memorable dining experience, so please let us know how much you have enjoyed your meal, as we aim to get it right each and every time.

Bon Appetit!


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